What would happen if you were more open-minded to everything you hear, see and experience? Would it hurt your ‘KIBURI’ (ego) to learn better ways to do things? Would you be surprised to learn others are smarter than you? Would you accept better, more efficient ways of doing things you’ve done for years?  Anyways, the benefits of being open-minded cannot be counted on the fingers of your hand. Being open-minded you always leave a door for hidden potential….’kama wendawazimu hivi’ like we try describe the benefits below!!

Kwanza, heres some difference between open-minded and close-minded person

A person who instinctively judges a situation or fact without giving himself time to know it better is considered as a close-minded person. Those types of people always feel a hurry to judge something as if they are having an urgent job to do. Leaving no room for a second thought is limiting. You are closing yourself in a small room with four walls. This is a serious drawback as it influences every area of life.
BUT, an open-minded person enjoys a better life. And how? By simply allowing ideas to enter his mind. This person feels no urge of judging a situation as fast as possible as if a gun is pointed at him. This enables him to judge the situation better and take more precise decisions that affect his life….SO here we go with the benefits!

>Better lifestyle – Close-minded people envy others’ lifestyles. Open-minded people dictate what lifestyle they want and create that lifestyle. Do you have friends, acquaintances or others you’ve crossed paths with who lead a lifestyle that you would like to lead? If so, what have you done to create that lifestyle for yourself? If you haven’t done anything, then you are being close-minded.

>Become more confident – Close-minded people are cocky. Open-minded people are confident. There is a big difference. Both are attitudes. Cocky is an attitude of being better than others. Confidence is an attitude of being comfortable with oneself and his or her surroundings.

>Learn from past mistakes – Close-minded people blame others for their mistakes. Open-minded people admit mistakes and learn from them. Think of the glory days when you were in school. Did you ever say, “The teacher gave me a C.”? Or, did you say, “I didn’t study enough so I earned a C. I’ll study more next time and get a better grade.”?

What about at work? Are the bad things (mistakes) that happen the result of something you did or someone else? If you blame others more than yourself, you are likely close-minded. Look deeper into what happened and learn from it. Maybe you really didn’t make the mistake but could you have prevented it by working better with the other person? Be open-minded and learn from your mistakes.

>See different perspectives – Close-minded people see four-sides to every square. Open-minded people see six: the normal four sides and an inside and outside. If you are open-minded, you will be able to take more advantages of more situations because you will see more solutions or options. Close-minded people on see the ways they know.

>Be more likeable – Close-minded people are disliked by their peers and subordinates. Open-minded people are endearing to their peers and subordinates. Why? Open-minded people are interested in what others have to say. They are willing to listen and learn. They are willing to help. Open-minded people can criticize in a way the person being critiqued appreciates. That person will value the input even though they was being informed of something to improve.

>Be more approachable – Close-minded people will not be asked their opinions or asked for help. Open-minded people will be in demand for their opinions and input. You’ve experienced these types of close-minded people at work and maybe even in your family. Their moods can change in an instant. They act like they are being bothered.  Open-minded people will appreciate being asked for help or input. They will encourage you because you asked for help. They will not only provide the answers you were seeking but will find other ways to make your day better. Open-minded people are approachable because they understand.

>Prosperity – Seizing the opportunities and learning new things will prone a person to prosper in life. Hard times become easily overcome and the time for happiness increases. This comes together with the growth you achieve. Your mind is constantly evolving by staying open-minded. While learning contribute to the growth you desire to see.

If, however so far your life was marked with many failures don’t get worried – failures will continue. But with the only difference is that you will have much greater potential to prosper every single time you cannot find a situation out.

> Develop positive qualities, skills and expand knowledge area – People are stuck in difficult situations and don’t know how to proceed. But when the mind is open to new and accessible stuff you start growing the qualities that will serve you well. Very often, if not every single time, the people considered as “a second opinion can help me” are characterized as being: ingenious, resourceful, original and some of them being great innovators.

I bet you have made different associations with the qualities. The mentioned qualities can be perfectly accredited to the people who changed the world we live in today: Bill Gates, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein and many more.

> Being liberal – when you don’t apply a constant supervision over your thoughts you stop being that awful master of your thoughts that subjects them. When you give them the freedom to come to you freely you permit a new course of life to be taken. Better experiences, relationships, work – everything you imagine can be affected positively be looking at the things with a liberal eye. This doesn’t mean you should constantly change your mind about something. It’s wise to keep ideas coming in, but sift out those that will be of no use and can only mix you up.

> A desired change – when we control our thoughts in order to feel security we know everything, we are only limiting our potential. Letting go of the strains and the long waited change will come to you remarkably easy. And when that happens you are promised to change those habits in your behavior that you don’t admire.  Remember – willingness increases as long as we start letting in better ideas to enter. This will bring about the change we struggle for so long.

> Energy flow – Great improvements are noticed in your energy flow. It’s a consequence of not paying attention to negative thoughts that sabotage you. All this reacts to the way you deal with daily tasks. Your reserve of energy is significantly boosted and you feel enormous pleasure from the work you perform.

> Confidence increase – a close-minded person will usually block his roads for exit when he is faced with a formidable challenge. On the other hand, those with open-mindedness will always have something to back on. A previous success will give them the strength to continue. Their confidence will not stop growing with every task they complete.

> More free time – The time needed to reach a solution is dramatically decreased. Having many options to choose from and picking the one according to the current situation is an advantage of being open-minded that can save you overall a lot of time in puzzling.

> Creativity sparkles – in a wild fire, open-mindedness and creativity are like fellow friends who go hand-in-hand everywhere. A person is able to break the chains of conventional thinking and go further in finding a reasonable solution. Being creative is a wonderful asset. Revealing unknown possibilities will amaze your mind and enhance further your enthusiasm to search for a solution to posers.

> Increased opportunities – Close-minded people will turn away opportunities because they don’t want to experience anything new. Open-minded people are always looking for new opportunities and will investigate them to determine if they are better. From a job or career perspective, close-minded people will shy away from even thinking about accepting a new position somewhere else. They are comfortable where they are. However, an open-minded person will at least perform some due diligence on the opportunity and make a decision based on that research. You don’t want to be pigeon-holed into one thing your entire life just because you’re not willing to look at your options. Be willing to experience new things and you will gain new opportunities.

> Get better – Close-minded people may never make a mistake because they know the system being used is effective. But, is there a better system available? Open-minded people will get better because they will always challenge the status quo. Just because a task has been done the same way for years does not mean there is not a better way to do it. We once had a staff member who challenged our method for testing inventory during an audit. He wanted to use our technology to improve our effectiveness and efficiency. Because of his open-mindedness, he was able to reduce the time it took for that testing from over a week to just under a day. Stop accepting current methodologies. Look for new ways to do things. You’ll get better. You’ll experience greater growth in your career. It’s worth it.

> Gain confidence – To go along with getting better is gaining confidence. Close-minded people will lose confidence because they will continue getting passed by open-minded people. Why? Open-minded  people will continue making things better, gaining confidence because they keep getting better and experience more growth.

If you are not willing to try something new, you will never know if there is something better. Someone will come along and find a better way to do what you do and you will lose confidence because you will no longer be as good as you once were. Companies that can’t evolve with new technology will fail. It’s same for you. If you can’t evolve, you will fail too.

Don’t you want to be confident that you provide the best value for what you do? If so, then open your mind and experiment. See if you can find a better way to do what you do. There is always a better way. If not, you will eventually fall behind the status quo and lose all confidence in your ability.

Better job – Close-minded people suffer each day because they hate their jobs. Open-minded people enjoy each day because they find the silver lining in every cloud. Do you love your job? Do you think you’re too good for your job? You deserve exactly what job you have. If you deserved a better job, you would go out and get it.  Open-minded people will find enjoyment no matter the situation because they are happy people. They will say they love their jobs to convince themselves they do. Or, they will take action and create an opportunity to get better jobs. They won’t sit and complain. Be open-minded and enjoy a better job.

> More accepting of criticism – Close-minded people cannot accept criticism, even if its constructive. They are not willing to listen. Open-minded people invite and ask for criticism because they want to be better.

> More efficient – Close-minded dads don’t follow the instructions on how to put together a child’s toy. Instead of getting the toy put together in 10 minutes, your daughter is crying because for 30 minutes you have to tell her to wait while you figure it out. Use the directions! You learned to use a computer by using the mouse to activate commands on the computer screen. The mouse is one of the most inefficient aspects of computing. Keyboard short cuts can decrease your time to do almost anything on the computer.

If you will be open-minded to new ways of doing things, imagine the efficiency you will gain. More efficiency means more productivity. More efficiency means less time spent. If you could leave work 15 minutes earlier each day and beat rush hour home, would that be important to you? Of course it would. Be open-minded and be efficient.

> More details – Close-minded people rush through projects because they want to see the end product as quickly as possible. Open-minded people enjoy the process and focus on the details so the end product is as good as possible.

If you follow the instructions that come with the model car, you will be more efficient putting it together. Better yet, it will look better when you are finished because you will have paid attention to all of its details. I suffered from this as a child. I put together model cars and planes all the time but I wanted to be done rather than enjoying the process. My models never were as detailed as the pictures on the boxes. Be open-minded and be more detailed.

> More insight – Close-minded people know what they know and don’t want to know anything else. Open-minded people always want to learn more. They want to learn the whys and hows. Close-minded people just want to do.

Don’t you want to understand why someone does something and how something works? Ask questions. Imagine the conversations you can have if you’re interested in the other person. To be interesting, you first have to be interested. Be open-minded and gain insight.

> More success – Close-minded people blame others for their plight. Open-minded people don’t blame anyone; they decide on an action and take it. Action-takers reach higher levels of success. Why? No success will come from sitting and whining. Success is the result of an action. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, right?

To be successful, you need to work hard, provide value and solve a problem. You can do that by being an employee or creating a business. Success also does not equate to monetary wealth. You can have success in your family, your spirituality or your relationships. They all require being open-minded. Be open-minded and achieve success.

> Better relationships – Close-minded people have few meaningful relationships. Open-minded people create deep relationships with many people. Why? Relationships are based on trust, communication and interest. Open-minded people display all three of these characteristics.

A new employee from another area of the company is starting today. The HR manager asks you to take the new employee to lunch because her manager is out of the office. As a manager, the HR manager thinks you are the best alternative. It’s a free lunch so of course you honor the request.

How to become an open-minded person?

What obstacles can you face on your way to become broadminded? are they hard to overcome? Always know that the first step to becoming an open-minded personality is when you are aware of your close-mindedness. This will break you free from the old habit of making fast conclusions and trapping yourself in your little world where you think you know everything.

I hope the following advice will be of use to you who are keen on growing:

>> Noticing that special moment

When you are being presented a new view, your brain automatically starts exploring and making calculations before it reaches a conclusion. Here, the close-minded person will typically not pay attention to this fact, but presume he suddenly is aware of it, he might wonder if this is the best for him and in the end will stick to his old habit of quickly estimating the situation.

This tiny moment, usually lasting a few seconds is the key to the treasure. This is the breaking point you must use. You have to catch your brain the moment it begins to analyze the aroused situation. An ideal way of breaking free from this old and useless habit is by asking yourself simple questions: If the answer you give is not satisfying; you find out there is a better option, the best you can do is research the topic. Information can be found everywhere, in the library, on the Web, we are surrounded by mountains of information. Pick what you need, deepen your knowledge of the subject that you need to know about and answers will slowly start showing up.

>> You aren’t a professor

Some of us pretend to know everything. They believe they know everything. They are like a “professor” having an opinion on any topic and cannot learn something new. Now, don’t misjudge me. I’m saying these people quite simply cannot help being professors all the time. All they do is talk and talk, even when it’s not needed. I bet you have a friend of yours, who talks all the time and believes his knowledge is profound like he is right all the time. I have a friend, I call the “professor”. He never listens to others, thinking he is aware of all facts.  You cannot know everything. Accept it. The moment you come to realize it, you will see how the world opens its fruits for you. Your personality changes and you become more aware that you don’t know everything. In fact, you know nothing.  As the philosopher Socrates has said: “…, all I know is that I know nothing…”

>>The ability to listen

Another premise to benefit of being open-minded is the ability to hear others when they have something to say. Listening, instead of talking is a great way to house yourself with ideas.

listen instead of talkingOften, when someone is prone to involve you in a debate – resist. Don’t go after the desire to speak your mind. You can always defend yourself, but not always it’s needed. When someone tries to argue with you listen. You will be amazed to learn what they deep believe in. You will learn something new about people and the way they interact. Talk less, listen more.

>> Total body awareness

Total body awareness or also known as meditation is a technique that can help you in every aspect. When you are in tune with the present moment, you become more sensitive to your own impulses. Enabling you to clear your mind of thoughts and helps with finding solutions, meditation is also a great technique for living healthy. Often, people describe it as a unique tool to go outside of the normal way of thinking and coming up with unanticipated solutions to problems that bother them.

Meditation not only helps you change your habit of being close-minded but empowers you with the strength of living in the present and consuming all the information that flows through you.